permanent hiatus
I'm sorry to be doing this, but unfortunately, I feel like this has been coming for a while. My muse for Sora hasn't died out, but unfortunately, it's not active either. I have other muses that I'm on much more than Sora nowadays, and it's not fair to me or anyone else keep this blog open when I know I'm not going to be putting 110% into it or into Sora. So, he's going on permanent hiatus until further notice. You can find me on my other roleplay accounts, mogar, sun and steve rogers.

I probably won't bring him back anytime soon, so I just want to say this: thank you. Thank you to everyone. Everyone who followed me, everyone who messaged me, everyone who roleplayed with me or replied to me or talked to me. Everyone who liked my posts and dealt with my shit and suffered through my late-summer Christmas posting and khpillar debacle. I'm so thankful for each and every single one of you, because you made for such a wonderful year of roleplaying, definitely the best year I've ever had. You were all so welcoming and friendly and caring, time and time again as I came back, and the love you all showed me is something I won't forget.

I hope you all have a wonderful day, an amazing week, and a great year guys! and as always,

l8r g8rs!
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