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tag game: five random facts about the mun.
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╎ ˟01 ➠` I have a very short attention span so I tend to multi-task a lot and then get bored of everything all at once for hours. And then I get bored of being bored. It’s a terrible cycle. ):

╎ ˟02 ➠` I learned how to swim after, when I was little, I almost drowned because I was like, seven and in a big, kind of deep, circular pool with a lot of my cousins and my dad and I ended up going under and no one noticed except for my dad after like 30 seconds it was terrifying

╎ ˟03 ➠` I have a very expressive face so I make really dumb looks and expressions at literally everything and I don’t tend to notice or remember, especially in public, until I see someone looking at me weirdly like, ‘are you okay’

╎ ˟04 ➠` i’ve never been to disneyworld! disneyland? the one in florida. well. i mean i have, for like five minutes. and then we left because of a really bad thunderstorm. im just happy i got some funnel cake

╎ ˟05 ➠` i love funnel cake

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                                                                             and anyone else who wants to do this!


You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this onto 10 people. ~please create a new post & do not reblog

i.        SKYROS // generdyn
ii.       BECOMING INSANE // infected mushrooms
iii.      GIVE IT UP // crsb
iv.      BITING DOWN // lorde
v.       M.A.D. // hadouken
vi.      AU REVOIR // one republic
vii.     DEATH VALLEY // fall out boy
viii.    RAP GOD // eminem
viv.    AN IDEAL OF HOPE // hans zimmer
x.       HE MELE NO LILO // lilo and stitch

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holy smokesi am in awe. i’ve had this blog since october 2013 ( before the flippin’ movie even came out and everyone thought elsa was the villain ) and it’s been an interesting spiral of activity. from tons of it, to some, to none, & back again. real life ( & fandom drama ) is a bitch like that, tbh. however, here we are, and i couldn’t be happier. the success of this blog is astounding to me. but what really gets me is how i’ve had the opportunity to meet, write, and befriend you amazing people. some, i’ve known for a few years; others, i want to know more; but the fact remains that you mean a lot to me. always remember that —- especially on the days where nothing seems to be going right. you are loved.

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It's that time again where I want to promo new friends who have offered their time to write with me and/or follow me in general because of my take on Kowalski. I mean wow! Kowalski has only been active for a week or two, but he's already gained so much followers. I'm still having trouble understanding how because he is a difficult muse to write for, and has a bigger scientific brain than I do so.

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Thank you for all the laughs, and know that I don't apologize for making your muses question reality and their sanity. All in good fun, and thank you once again for making Kowalski such a thrill to write for.

Pausing  in  his  steps,  Sora  watched  the  stranger  stood
still in the middle of the street.  He looked a little troubled,
and  Sora  wondered  if   maybe  he  needed  some  help.
Maybe  he  was  lost?      Or  maybe  he’d  lost  something!

❛  Hey, are you alright?  ❜



          ᴇʏᴇs ʀᴏʟʟᴇᴅ ᴀᴛ ᴛʜᴇ request, a smirk flickering to the corner of his lips while his best friend stood looking utterly exasperated after just a few hours of training —— ɪɴ ᴡʜɪᴄʜ Riku had done nothing but watch poor Sora run laps.

                                                        Every  second you  train is another
                                                          second closer to catching up to me.


Lips twisting down into a frown, Sora crossed his arms
and gave Riku a petulant look.  Catch up?  To Riku?

❛  Hey!   I’m  totally  caught  up!   I  could
totally beat your butt if I wanted to, Riku!  ❜

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                       tell me i'm human. tell me i'm not robotic.

          indie original character. | private | adaptive

▍♟ˣ: five + years of roleplay experience.
▍♟ˣ: adaptive to any writing style, & any fandom.
▍♟ˣ: muse is eighteen & mun is eighteen
▍♟ˣ: multi-fandom, au, & willing to work with any verse
▍♟ˣ: only strictly interacts with mutuals because this is a secondary blog.
▍♟ˣ: multi-ship. likes chemistry & long walks on the beach.
▍♟ˣ alister fucking loves whales & sea creatures.